The main idea in the logo design was to include “OTM" as an abbreviation for "One Time Mountain". Also, the logo was supposed to be in tune with the runes and
the theme of the Vikings.

The original idea of the logo looked something like this...
... but I tried to move away from the concept of a triangle.
Initial drafts for finding ideas in Adobe Fresco on iPad.
Everyone liked “Just not bad version” and I started working with this concept in Adobe Illustrator. At first, the guys asked “T” to look like a sword, but soon we abandoned this idea, because the image looked like the logo of a Christian Rock Band,
which did not suit us.

As a result, we agreed on a hammer instead of a sword, and rejected the stylization of the name in a triangular format.
Runes will not be displayed on the logo, but they will return in a stylized art.
"Ones back is vulnerable unless one has a brother"

Stylized logo for merchandise and promotional materials.
The drawing process in Adobe Photoshop is accelerated 100 times.
In my work, I used Gradient Maps and Clipping Masks.

The size of the source file is a bit confusing :)
175x175 cm - 300 DPI

But the result was pleasant both to me and to all members of the musical group.
Everyone is happy :)

Thank you for the fact that this project was interesting to you!
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